Edith Swimwear is a contemporary swimwear brand from Rio de Janeiro and 100% MADE IN BRAZIL. The innovation is based in its concept: it’s “editable” to offer MORE WITH LESS. The name of the brand is a tribute to my grandma. A great woman who inspired me with her timeless style and elegance. She used to tell me I should be a fashion designer because I’ve been creative since I was a kid. The concept of the brand is expressed when you pronounce the brand name. The “h” becomes unoticable and it turns into the verb “edit” which stated in the dictionary as,”to alter, adapt, or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose.


Our swimwear is manufactured with a knit focussed on MORE durability, comfort and versatility. MORE is having a product 100% made in Brazil to support local communities and create new work opportunities. LESS IS MORE WITH EDITABLE SWIMWEAR allowing that with one set, you can have so many possibilities to style and create new models, joining your pieces or mix-matching colors. That way, you can keep your original pieces longer by adding new colors to create new models and give a new life to your swimwear. This creates LESS waste and you enjoy MORE your pieces. Our packaging was designed to be MORE than just a regular plastic packaging. We created a fashionable holographic pooch so you can use it for much MORE and that way create LESS plastic waste.


Edith Swimwear aims to create a brand that adapts to its customers by providing versatile, fashionable and comfortable swimwear while maintaining a high standard of quality and durability. We proudly encourage body posivity with a one-size fits all swimwear and we raise awereness of the environment by durable products. With our unic concept of “editable swimwear”, we want to offer swimwear adapting to every women, no matter their body figure and fitting girls from the age of 12, We want every women to feel confident, elegant and confortable in our swimwear, with an extra dose of versatility.

Through a positive and impowering experience with our customers, we want to build a strong community reflecting this body positivity and showing that Edith Swimwear is for every women.

We promise you uniqueness, just like you!

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